A smart and flexible embroidery machine (copy)

A smart and flexible embroidery machine

In 2003, with the help of AI, Melco was able to automate thread tension with its patented Acti-Feed™ thread management system. Since then, thanks to an almost non-existing upper tension, thread tension has become fully automatic and embroidery speeds much higher (up to 1500 SPM).

Since then, Melco has revolutionized the industry with its modular multi-head machines. These combine the advantages of single-heads and multi-heads in a smart network leading to an up to 100% higher productivity compared to traditional machines. Since all machines in the network work independently, Melco customers can always use the right number of heads for each job. This means that they can produce a single name as efficiently as large orders, which was previously impossible with traditional machines. The latest Melco machine, the EMT16X, is even smarter and uses its AI to improve stitch quality. Thread issues have been limited to an absolute minimum.

A smart file format

Melco’s proprietary file format OFM is the smartest file in the industry and was developed to automate production as much as possible. Apart from stitch, colour change and trim information, it also contains true colour information (not just needle assignment). Manual colour assignment has been made obsolete and all machine settings (speed, hoop information etc.) can be stored, reducing setup times to zero.

Process single names, custom designs and web orders without manual input

Melco’s web services to automate the creation of embroidery designs are the key to a modern embroidery production.

Melco Fusion allows Melco customers to offer their clients personalized items in their webshops or POS terminals. A product preview is included and, from the customer’s input, production-ready files are produced as well.

At the same time, Melco EFS is the ideal solution for the production of custom garments, badges and name tags. It automatically creates production-ready embroidery files from .csv, .xls and .xml files.

Every Melco EMT16X comes with barcode reader functionality, allowing the production files to be sent to the machine automatically. The only thing the operator has to do is hoop the garment and press start for an embroidery production as automated and efficient as possible.

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  • A smart and flexible embroidery machine (copy)

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  • A smart and flexible embroidery machine (copy)

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