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Dear Readers,

At present, it is hard to imagine that there was a time when trade magazines and the internet did not exist. If you owned an embroidery company, you would have had to wait for big shows, such as for example ITMA, to find information on new equipment and the latest developments. Or they had to travel to a machine agent or manufacturer to see new machines in action.

How much easier it has become! Even in spite of limited travelling and less trade shows, it is still possible to get informed. This new online magazine, easily accessible on any online device, gives an overview of the latest embroidery equipment on the market. 

Innovations in embroidery software and machine hardware have made it possible to create multimedia designs in one programme and with one machine. With multimedia designs, it is possible to create more personalized looks for customers. Many are willing to pay more for garments with additional Chenille, Sequin, Laser Applique and such. In this online magazine, Jamie Kiekebelt takes a closer look at how your software and embroidery machine can help you navigate these decoration methods.

To produce high-quality and perfectly stable embroidery, manual adjustments by skilled and experienced operators are no longer needed. Tajima’s i-TM digitally controlled thread tension system helps to face the many challenges that embroiderers encounter, such as which choice to make out of the large variety of fabrics and embroidery threads that are on the market and how to be able to meet the increased amounts of embroideries that are nowadays requested. In this online magazine you can read more about this system.

A well-designed website is crucial for a successful apparel decoration business. On the rapidly growing online personalization market, customers should be able to preview their personalized products visually to close a deal in a satisfying way. In Jamie Kiekebelt’s article about automating the personalization options on your website, you will read more on how to provide a good website.

Our next free-of-charge online magazine will appear in December. It will be devoted to the ‘World of Advertising and Selling’ and will include PSI, PromoTex Expo and viscom show.

Enjoy your reading!

Marion Zuurveen

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Stitch & Print International appears four times a year. In addition free digital EMagazines and newsletters are published. The trade journal is written for professional embroiderers, textile printers (screen printers and digital printers) and garment decorators.

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Stitch & Print International appears four times a year in print. In addition free digital EMagazines and newsletters are published.

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